Updated: July 2009

KuperDat is a compact, self contained, battery operated Kuper System in a very small form factor.  KuperDat is perfect for remote heads, motion encoding, virtual set systems, and very portable motion control systems.  It fits easily into existing user equipment.

  • Six axes of Motion Control.  The user may select between Step & Direction or Quadrature outputs for each axis.
  • Each axis has dedicated, noise filtered Home, Positive Limit, and Negative Limit Inputs, with Active Homing.
  • Ten fully Differential Quadrature Encoder Inputs, including Index Inputs.  Encoder cable lengths of several hundred feet are possible.
  • Synchronization inputs for film, video, and timecode sources.
  • Generates and receives standard timecode formats.
  • Inserts SMPTE time code or camera frame number into looped through video signal.
  • Two high performance RS232 ports and two RS422 ports interface to data logging, virtual set, KuperNode, and other applications.  One RS422 port can be configured to interface to a DMX-512 digital lighting network.  Port data streams can be hard-synchronized to any film or video camera.
  • Eight Analog-to-Digital inputs with precision voltage references.
  • USB Peripheral Interface provides easy data transfer to and from Windows XP and Windows 98 computers.
  • Boots and runs from a Compact Flash card, or standard hard drive, or 2.5" hard drive.
  • Interfaces to a standard computer keyboard, monitor, and mouse, including compact TFT display panels.
  • Can be used with or without a keyboard, monitor, or mouse.
  • Compatible with most PC/104 CPU's and accessory cards.
  • Card set is only slightly larger than a standard IDE Drive.
  • Operates from 9 to 30 Volts DC.  Provides regulated power for the CPU card.
  • RTMC130D Software Package included.  Supports 10/100Base-T Network Data Streaming.