Updated: July 2009

KuperNode2 Now Available.  KuperNode2 is a small circuit card that expands a Kuper System with 16 additional axes, 12 additional encoders, 16 axes of isolated voltage output, limit switch inputs.  It attaches to a Kuper2001, KuperDat, or KuperNode2 system via a thin, fully isolated RS422 cable that can be more than 1/2 mile in length.  It operates from 8 to 30 volts DC.

This card can reduce the cabling between the camera dolly and the Kuper System to a single serial cable and an A.C. power cable, assuming the motor drives are mounted on the dolly.  The camera operator and the camera itself can even be in different buildings...or with a fiber link even on different continents, while maintaining crisp, zero-lag control response!  It can operate a remote camera located in places like a stadium ceiling, tower, or other inaccessible or dangerous position.

The voltage outputs on KuperNode2 are fully optically isolated, so it's a good choice for controlling motion bases located some distance from the Kuper system.