For RTMC48 Card:
Download Download the 16 Axis Version (file name: 00032416.exe)
  Download the 20 Axis Version (file name: 00032420.exe)
  Download the 24 Axis Version (file name: 00032424.exe)
  Download the 48 Axis Version (file name: 00032448.exe)
(recommended version for all RTMC48 systems, regardless of actual hardware axis count)
Full Inst. All additional suport files for full RTMC48 card instalation (file name:UTILARC.exe)
Release Date March 24, 2000

All the programs listed here will run only on systems equipped with a Kuper circuit card. The software will attempt to initialize the Kuper circuit card and certain PC motherboard resources -- these initializations may lead to crashes on systems not equipped with a Kuper card.

If you already have a running Kuper system, you do not need to download UTILARC.EXE. If you need a full set of installation files, download "UTILARC.EXE" in addition to the software version listed above for your specific Kuper Card. Copy UTILARC.EXE into your Kuper directory, and run UTILARC one time only to unpack the support files.