How big the file is? How long does it take?
  All files are about 500k in length, and will take less than 3 minutes to download on a 28k connection.
How to tell the version of software?

All The files contain one .exe file and one or more .doc text files in compressed format. The .exe files are date-coded in the following format:
Year, Month, Day, Number_of_Axes.

So, for example, the file "00032348.EXE" is a 48 axis version of the software compiled on March 23, 2000

Which directory do I put the downloaded files?

Make a hard disc directory, a typical sequence would be:
c:> md kuper {press the enter}

Copy the downloaded .exe file to your kuper directory. Run the downloaded program one time only. This will unpack a new version of software, and possibly some additional files. Look for any new .doc or .txt files, which will contain information about new features.

Do I need more files?

Several files must be located in your Kuper directory, in addition to kuper2001 or RTMC48 cards. If you already have a running Kuper system, you do not need to download addition files. For full installation, please read product installation instructions in products pages.